Hello! Thank you for visiting Metal Shop Designs.  We are a custom furniture and accessory builder.  At Metal Shop we can build almost anything that you may find interesting.  All of our designs are truly original and very unique.  Each furniture design is completely made by hand - no stamping.  Designs are drawn directly on sheet metal then cut, hand formed, and finally welded to produce a hollow, light-weight form.  Being a custom builder, we build each design specific to each person.  This gives you your choice of design, size, shape, finish, upholstery etc. and options are  unlimited as well.  Metal Shop also has a hand made line of furniture called the "Millennium Line".  These designs can also be purchased with any option that you may desire.  Most of our designs are fabricated in aluminum because of the light weight and look of stainless steel.  Other metals used are Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, and Steel. Please follow the links below to see pictures of our latest designs.
Please note that the photographs may not capture the entire effect of all details.
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